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Administrative and Teaching

"A Good coach can change a game, but a great coach can change a life"

–John Wooden

The goal of IPDDS is to help schools to develop strategies to help improve student achievement and increase Educator
Effectiveness. Our coaching Model will introduce researched- base practices that are aligned to your organization’s
standards. IPDDS will enhance concepts and strategic thinking that are aligned to the profession of intentional teaching,
comprehension of content and educational growth. Our team will develop strategies that can be applied to staff to promote
a positive effect on student behavior, school culture, academic growth, and development. The overall goal is to empower
and inspire staff towards pursuing the goal of becoming instructional leaders within their community.

•Coaching in order to make a positive change

•Defining coaching as it relates to your school culture

•The coaching process


•Teacher Needs and Student Achievement 

•Gathering and analyzing school data

•Coaching discussion in order to develop a plan for success

•Develop a specific plan for action

•Implement and monitor the plan

•If necessary, make revisions to the plan

​•Monitor growth and continue to develop the plan based off of successes

Coaching Model


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